Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I'm voting for me!

"I'm voting for Tony Robbins"
I've watched some of the US election coverage on the BBC, because for some reason, US politics is much more interesting and sexier than British politics. However, the more I learn about politics, the more I am deterred from learning any more. Given the chance, I'd vote for Mark Thomas or David Icke, but definitely not Dizzee Rascal.

The nature of voting and political control is not as straight forward as it is on the X Factor, where you pretty much get what you see. With government politics, you can't actually just vote the guy you want to run the country into power, because of some weird rules akin to having to circumnavigate the Monopoly board once before being allowed to buy anything. Ultimately, only one guy will get to live in Downing Street and the other members of government call up from time to time and ask to use the toilet with the bidet.

Politicians appeal to certain groups in society over issues like jobs, immigrations, crime, public spending, gays getting married, gays adopting, gays doing pretty much anything, and conspiring to rob the middle east of oil. There are different groups, somewhat branded in different colours so that it is easy for the public to choose their favourite based on a colour scheme and logo. These politicians are essentially "promisers of change", which then they often turn on once they realise how difficult it is to execute a policy that doesn't require a Facebook group to get it going.

Some politicians appeal to the fearful and stupid, blaming all of society's problems on certain groups signified by ethnicity, religion, sexual preference or something else they fail to understand based on the fact that they are the bipedal equivalent of donkeys. Other politicians range from this extreme all the way to the other end, one way or the other there should be a group that appeals to you and the issues you feel need to be addressed, because your vote counts. It really does, so please make sure you vote because the government close schools for the day and marginalise children's education so that you can vote with state of the art photocopied pieces of paper and stubby pencils.

"We're manipulating yo monkey ass!"
Currently, the President of the USA is a man called Barack Obama, he is of mixed ethnicity and has an Arabic or "Muslim name", both of these characteristics were considered as fatal flaws in his bid to become the President. However, he managed to win as the only other choice was to go with a man on his death bed and an ignorant MILF whose international relations experience consisted of experiencing a déjà vu and considering it to be the equivalent of being in France. Because human beings are largely controlled by fear and greed, and also currently limited by the need to feel significant through a sense of identity based on skin colour, religion, ideology or culture, human beings are often manipulated by these factors into voting based on those premises rather than by the actual issues that need to be addressed. Due to this, the planet Earth is going to be stuck in a dark age for a long time, where enlightenment, peace and free ice-cream will fail to surface until we're attacked by an outside force like aliens.

As human beings incarnate in the same type of body vehicle on planet Earth, it might not be a stretch to imagine that our collective concerns, needs and desires are somewhat similar enough for all of us to find enough common ground that we could join forces and manage the planet in a beneficial way and contribute towards creating an amazing quality of life for everyone. However, such thinking is regarded as wishful in this polarised world of hatred, fear and cynicism. But maybe one day in the future, the seed of hope might just flourish and people will stand only on the right hand side of an escalator.

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